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Active component: Diazolidinyl urea, IPBC

Physical property and quality index :
1. Appearance: white powder with hygroscopicity
2. Nitrogen content: 19.0~21.0%
3. IPBC content: 1.75~2.25%
4. Loss on drying: ≤3.0%
5. Residue on ignition: ≤3.0%
6. Solubility: easily soluble in propylene glycol and lightly soluble in water(to 1%)

● used in cream, emulsion, shampoo, hair conditioner
● dosage: 0.05~0.3%
● PH range for application: 3~9
● used together with surface active agent, protein and most cosmetics

Packaging specification: fiber can: 20kg/drum, 25kg/drum
Storage: preserved in cool and dry place sealed, shelf life is 24 months

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